Friday, March 6, 2009

The Comeback

Damn.Its been two weeks or so since my last entry.Life is as usual as it gets.always with the ups and downs.Had my mid term break last week but i didnt do anything much in particular.Last tuesday on 3rd march was Arie's birthday.We did a surprise for him.bought him 20 choc balls for his 2oth birthday.I even got him a card.thats a first time i ever bought anyone a card i think.Well everything was alright that night but the timing was off schedule.We had fun anyways.Yesterday after coming back from Shah Alam we went skating at putrajaya.There's a new skate park there. It's like 90% bowls and pools there but a great place to cruise the deck since im not good at any tricks at even fell at one point and got a red bruise mark on my shoulder plus my legs are aching like hell.Despite all that i still couldnt sleep last night and went skating again at Section 13 skate park this morning by myself.Anyways the good news is that ticket for Misery Signals is now available and im selling it.Dick Tracy is going to be an opening act for Misery Signals in Singapore.Im going there as well since i'll be doing the samples for them.Kudos to Dick Tracy.