Sunday, September 28, 2008

Selamat tinggal kawanku

Takziah kepada keluarga Muhammad Adi Safwan a.k.a Awe yang telah meninggal dunia semalam akibat kemalangan di Raub,Pahang pada 5 petang.Kereta yang dipandu oleh arwah berlanggar dengan Lori.Lori itu merempuh di bahagian pemandu.Arwah mengalami kecederaan yang kritikal.Lehernya patah.Kepalanya terhentak dengan impak yang kuat di stering membuat rangkanya retak.Kaki arwah patah.Arwah meninggal pada jam 6 petang sebelum berbuka puasa.Abangnya cedera parah,kaca masuk ke dalam mata dan muka bercalar2 dan yang paling sedih dia tidak tahu akan kematian adiknya.adiknya yang lain patah dua dua belah kaki.Semalam aku,abang aku dan beberapa kawan bergegas ke Raub dengan membawa kereta dengan kelajuan yang maksimum mencecah 160 km/j untuk sampai ke raub.Sampai2 kami terlihat keluarga arwah berdiri di tepi rumah mayat.Kelihatan muka mereka yang amat sedih sekali.Aku dan rakan2 sempat melihat arwah terbujur di rumah mayat.Mukanya berdarah akibat kemalangan.Aku berasa amat sedih sekali.Last sekali aku jumpa dia tahun lepas masa aku kerja di cheras aku duduk rumah sewa skali dgn dia.lepas tu aku igt masa raya nak jumpa dia tapi tak sempat.aku baru terfikir nak jumpa dia masa raya ni.tapi tak sempat juga.last2 aku jumpa dia dkt rumah mayat dgn keadaan mcmtu.aku rasa amat sedih.haih..awe2 dalam banyak2 kawan aku tak sangka langsung kau yang pergi.aku tak sangka kawan aku yang ceria suka buat lawak banyak yang pergi.aku tak sangka..aku macam tak percaya..abang aku telefon aku lepas bukak puasa pasal kematian kau pon aku tak percaya.aku igt dia main2 rupanya bila aku dgr nada abg aku yang sedih tu aku tau benda tu betul.haih..renungkanlah time kita happy2 gelak2 dgn kawan2 kita tak sedar yang kawan kita sorang ni dah pergi meninggalkan kita.Aku agak tersentak jugak la semalam bila dapat tau yang dia dah meninggal.teringat zaman2 dia bawak aku pegi jalan2 zaman2 dia buat lawak yang agak merapu.Ya Allah,sesungguhnya kau maha berkuasa menghidupkan dan mengambil nyawa.kematian itu tidak dijangka sekali.aku redha dengan pemergian kawanku.semoga arwah ditempatkan dengan golongan2 orang yang beriman.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Shit!

So i finally got my new pairs of Macbeth shoes.Yeay it has bane lyrics printed under the sole and its Vegan product bebeh..louis bleh tanyakan kasut ni diperbuat daripada sayur ke sbb tulis vegan product..haha sengal.

Love Story

I've had this feeling long enough to be kept inside so i dared to ask for his number..

he gave me his number i was so thrilled that day

we we're so happy holding hands together
he looks happy..we were made for each other
he put his head on my shoulder and i felt the blood rushing through my veins..

but in the end all i was left with was sadness again as for he had found a new love

bodoh..manede...aku bukan gay fiction je..tapi mamat louis ni mmg suka buat aku nampak gay sampai org pon takut2 tengok kitorang..

Family Day Out

haritu lepas kelas bosan gila so aku ikut housemate aku pegi lepak kat playground yg berdekatan dgn rumah kami.jadi inilah visual2 aksi bodoh kami yang dapat dilihat.roboh jugak buaian tu kang..

org tua yg berperangai kanak kanakbudak blur main buaian

aksi bodoh yang cuba dilakukan
nak cuba lagi...yeargh lompatan hardcore

org tua main lompat2

sesi gambaran majalah mangga..
dah arr bosan ah beb..jom balik..


These are some photos of my housemates.
tgh posing nak pukul ariesorang je slack..haih

louis and ime and arie


Well i think veggie is not enough for me so ive converted to being Vegan now.Hermm i'll see how long being a vegan could last..It's a challenge because i'm not able to consume anymore dairy products or eggs so i have to avoid chocolate,milk,coffee,bread and a lot of other things.well2 i have to doa lot of research now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tiny Terror

Name:Tiny Terror
Age: 1+
Ability: Can create such annoying noises and interesting behaviour
likes to annoy everyone with her superloud voice
Tiny terror in rage.
sudden gasps with a happy expression

what are you staring at?

there's the rage again..
running away from mum

climbing those stairs..
into my brother's room..
just because she wants to play the bass..

now she's tired of it..

disaster disaster.

Well im tired of going to bazaar ramadhan and not able to eat most of the things due to my eating beliefs so today i decided to cook a terrible horrible meal.This "disaster"contains of artificial chicken which is made from tofu and soy proteins, tofu, beancurd, soy sauce, eggs and cheese and the main ingredient is a packet of vegetarian flavoured instant noodle.Yes i know it looks horrible.
Maggi Goreng Veggie
sorry for vegans it contains eggs and cheese.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back on track

Hmm been a week since my last post.Anyway life's been alright i guess.I spent the whole week staying back at my place in Shah Alam.Wow..i dont usually do that.Last wednesday i went out to KL with Udey.I fetched him from his place at sunway and we headed straight to kl using federal highway.Damn KL is so packed with cars..arghh i was cursing because the are several roads that leads to BB are closed.We went there at 1.30pm and arrived there in BB at 3pm.It took that long to get into BB.Plus my petrol indicator was blinking.Lucky we found a nearby petrol station.Udey was looking for some Macbeth shoes.Some cool shoes they have because under the sole of some of the shoes there are Bane-Give Blood Lyrics under it and on the sole it says Vegan Product.hahhaha now im looking forward to buy one.Then we went to CK music and JS music.Apparently Udey was looking for some DiMarzio straps the ones with the clip system.I looked at some straps that are interesting.Hermm here they stock DW drums too.That is way cool.Anyway after all that is done we went back to udey's area for a buka puasa session and after that i headed home to S.alam.Well the whole week i spent a lot by going out a lot.Yesterday it was time for Khalitzburg to start jamming again.Man its been months since we practised and yeah we didnt get the chemistry as well as we did last time.It was awesome tho.Some unknown guys came inside to the studio to watch us play.They was impressed by Irwan's beat blasting.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Hermm i think this is what i'd look like if im a cartoon character
oh yeah and this arie if he's a cartoon character.hhaha.what an uncanny resemblance.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Story So Far

Its been days since i post my last entry.So now im going to post a new one.Life is as per normal.Finally after searching for accommodation to rent, me and arie have found our place to stay in Shah Alam.Its somewhere in the new area of Sect.7.Shoplot houses but its alright.At least its clean and cosy, not like the typical "rumah bujang"hahaha.At least we have neat freak housemates and the best part is the toilets are clean again unlike the typical "rumah bujang".But there's one problem tho,apparently our so called "housemate" decided to quit staying there..Damn the guy doesnt have commitment in anything.What lame excuses he provides us.

Yesterday was kinda shitty for me.I was asked by my father to go to his office in USJ1.I arrived there.Paid the parking ticket in one of the machines and displayed it in the car infront of the windscreen.I went up to my dad's office to gave him a copy of my IC and driving license.As soon after i have finished my business with my dad.I went to the car,start the engine and head on to the petrol station to fill up the tank.When i was driving i noticed something on my wiper.A white piece of paper with MPSJ logo on it.I was cursing when i saw that.It was a bloody fine ticket.Shit..apparently i had good faith of paying for the parking but accidentally displayed the back of the ticket not the front of it.For that i am giving away rm80? not paying shit..I'll wait for the letter from MPSJ to send me to court.hahaha enough said.

Anyway right after that i went straight to my house in Sect.7 for a quick nap only to find out i couldnt sleep at all at my place.bloody hell i dont know why i feel sleepy in class,in the car when i was driving but not at home!arggh i was annoyed because i havnt slept yet since the night before and was too busy chattering about with arie about how life sometimes are crap.I had class in the evening until half past 6.After that i went down to Sect. 2 to break my fast with fellow friends.Later on that night i took a shower and head straight on to KL to meet up with a friend of mine(something regarding business).Well well..I was bloody sleepy like hell when i was driving and i was always asleep for at least 4 or 5 seconds when i was driving.I couldnt hold out my eyes.I feel like taking a detour at the petrol station but there wasnt any petrol station that i couldt stop to along the federal highway.Damn that was really irratating and dangerous.I could have crashed my car or even worse i could have ended my life.So when i arrived in KL.I headed to the wrong direction and it lead me to some of the places that i dont even know.Damn i hate driving in the KL.I was lost in jalan pahang and end up to sentul and all that crap.I had no sense of direction.So finally i arrived at my destination and went to see my friends for nearly 2 hours.When i was heading back to Shah Alam, I have lost my way again and find myself to be in Cheras.Thank god i know that way to go back home.I filled up my tank at a nearby petrol station and head straight to Shah Alam.But after that when i arrived in bukit jalil highway that was heading to LDP,I stroke bad luck.Shit!! I followed the wrong direction again.I tought it said sri petaling because i wanted to escape the Toll plaza but only to find myself heading to Putrajaya,Cyberjaya and KLIA.Hoorray i was so happy!!!....NOT!!!.Bloody hell the signboard says 25km putrajaya and 33 km KLIA.It was like"Balik Kampung"..the highway is clear and there was only a few car driving. I find myself in the wasting money situation because i was escaping the Rm2.20 toll but end up paying the total amount of rm 7.50 to go back to Shah Alam because of the 4 toll boths i head up to.Damn!!! really wasnt worth it.Imagine that Shah Alam-lost in Kl-Cheras-Bukit Jalil-Cyberjaya-Puchong-Shah Alam.What is that?a bloody tour or something?..When i finally got back home my petrol indicator the needle dropped down to E..Damn i was rather pissed off.When i got home, me and arie went out again for a sahur session.After that i went back home,headed straight into the room and sleep..what a night i had.the good news is today my dad bought me a car already.Its not something grand,a kancil but i was thankful tho to him,the ride's comfy tho.I drove it to subang just now when i was having jamming session with side circle.Apparently today we're creating a new number.Something more progressive and i love the Death core ending.hahaha.a lot of techincal elements in the new song.

Last night

I was bored like hell at home.I browsed through the numbers in my list looking for some friends to hangout with.It was 10pm and i had nothing much to do.So i called Jay and asked him where he was.I asked him wether he wants to go for a jamming session.He agreed immediately and asked me to phone around some other friends and the studio.I called Iqbal and Rolan to ask them if they could join as well and they agreed.Well that was a spontaneous plan.Anyway i rang Meng's studio in section 13 and booked for 12am.After that i took my epi.les paul and put it in my case.I left home about half past ten.I was driving and listening to some IKTPQ's songs to play.When i arrived at Jay's place i hanged out there for like half an hour waiting for Rolan.Apparently when we was leaving jay's place, Rolan couldnt be bothered to take his guitar bag and carried his epiphone with no case.Damn everyone was staring at him.Me,Jay and Iqbal couldnt help laughing and calling him a rockstar.hahaha.So then we headed to section 13 and arrived there like 20 minutes late but what the hell.hahaha.When we got in the studio everyone was setting their equipments.I was balancing the guitar sound between mine and rolan's.Apparently he got a brighter tone because he was using EMG pickups.Damn I couldnt hear shit when i was doing some harmonizing.tried setting everything on the amps and the pedal.So we played most of IKTPQ's number like Say goodbye,When Goodbye Means Forever,Columbian Necktie,Sharks In Your Mouth and Upon A Rivers Sky.hell i didnt know the riffs for columbian necktie and sharks in your mouth i just followed what rolan was playing.We also covered some other numbers like Killswitch Engage's The End of Heartache,As i lay dying's confined.There was also an attempt of playing Job For A Cowboy and The Black Dahlia Murder but it didnt get through.Hahaha.All and all it was great fun tho playing some of the old songs that you havent gotten round to playing it.After that we headed back to Section 7.Chill out and talk about mutual stuff.It was like 4 something we headed to where Rolan was working.We went for a Sahur session and i ordered "Nasi goreng Vegan"hahhaha.After that i was too tired to head home so i decided to stay at their place for a few hours and head back home at 9am.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Is this the death of liberty
Is this the price that life has come to mean
all our friends now enemy
the misery of bleeding