Wednesday, December 30, 2009

in 2009.

Well today's the last day for 2009.i figured i write something about what i go through this year be it good or bad times.Overall i could say that 2009 has been an alright year but it has a bitter end.

in 2009

I met tonnes of bands like misery signals,parkway drive, have heart,etc
I had a car accident in my campus
I learned a lot of new things
I started to fall apart with my friends
I developed a minor split personality
I started a new project band
I had many bruises because of skateboarding
I had a stitched chin
I lost my guitar at the have heart show
I bought a new guitar
I thought i had found love, instead i was heartbroken
I made new friends
I made a new extended family member.
I started flunking in my studies
I started to sink further than i was before
I started losing myself in ways that i could imagine
I accidentally ran over a cat.
I started to fall out with a friend who i was friends with for nearly 7 years now
I started to look more ill
I started to suffer from my own depression
I started to think that im losing it
I started to lose trust in people
I reconnected with some people in the past
I thought about death a lot
I argued again with my Dad
I feel leftout hanging out with the usual guys
I'm patching things up with the family.

so im moving on from 2009 but ill savor the good memories.hello 2010, i wish you treat me well this year.