Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dumbshit started happening.

Just as i thought i already lost a guitar last week,now came this, i dont know how i finally managed to drop my pointer a lot on my exam results.i got an embarrasing 2.91 for my gpa and 3.15 for my Cgpa.This is dumb.this shit is could i possibly get a D for my instructional communication subject.Now im regretting things.Im saying things beginning with I shouldve .I shouldve attended a whole lot more of classes, i shouldve studied instead of lazying around.i shouldve done more assignments,i shouldve been myself! This shit is just dumb and unacceptable. I'll make sure i'll get back in the game for the upcoming 3 sems. I dont wanna graduate with shit results

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Goodbye to my dearest friend,companion,axe,instrument. Epiphone Les Paul, i hope you rest in peace in your hardcase coffin along with your friend digitech grunge long.thanks for serving me all this while.youve been a great guitar to me.i'll always remember you.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I was online and randomly chatting with kei yasui from Have Heart

Nik:hey dude
Kei:yo whats up man
Nik:ill upload the videos soon enough yo
Kei:awesome let me know when you do
Nik:k man.btw i lost my guitar at your show fuck it man..left it backstage someone mustve taken it
Kei:damnnn.thats happeend to me before
Nik:i know...its really sad.i lost my fav Epiphone les paul along with its hardcase and my digitech grunge effect pedal
Kei:damn dude
Nik:hey hows singapore?
Kei:singapore was amazing
Nik:told ya.hahaha.sorry i didnt get a chance to do the interview with you the other day
Kei:oh its cool man
Nik:i managed with pat and champ and then ryan hudon and briggs came along.cool2
Kei:its cool, i was sick anyway
Nik:hey it was super fun to have you guys down here
Kei:not feeling very good
Nik:oh could tell your face was a bit pale.that aussie?awesome i presume?
Kei:yes.its very similar to america
Nik:lol.nice then.wheres pat,champ and the rest?
Nik:cool.arent u sleepy yet?after all those shows
Kei:yeah pretty tired
Nik:hahaha i would guess.if its me id probably fainted or something.everyday playing
Kei:haha yeah
Kei: alright man, im going to bed, later
Nik:ok mann.keep in touch.send my regards to the rest

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Have Heart show 16/5/09

This show is kind of fun yet bitter for me.I borrowed my brother's dv cam to record the live show and ofcourse Have heart's set.The show kicked off about 3pm.The first band for the show is Ana four craig.they did alright.i didnt really know any of their songs tho.After that was Elegy.Elegy had this great energy performance in their usual they did a cover of zombie autopilot from Unearth.They were'nt half bad. The next up was Escape, now this band has got a real great live energy on stage.The crowds was singing along to the songs.I took videos of some of their set.They did a cover of Bane's swan song.i took the melodic vocal part but the mic wasnt on.damn, made a fool of myself

Next up was Break Even from Australia.This band was a fun and energetic band.they did some numbers like run for your life.theyre awesome.Avalon's whisper and Restraint was next, although i didnt had the chance to checkout their performance but im sure they did great as always.Burgerkill was after that, their set was energetic and soul, it was a metalhead set on a hardcore show it was fucking awesome.they played Atur aku and that song was great as ever.

The next up was Kids on the Move.They have just released their full length album entitled Changes. They did an awesome set,amazing performances and showmanship and the crowd was going wild, everyone was stage diving,moshing on the stage, infact some of the kids were on the stage going crazy like hell.i enjoyed it pretty much.Kudos to them

The final set of the day comes from the legendary Hardcore band from Boston,massachusettes. Have Heart finally took over the night.It's Pat flynn's world and everyone was living in it.hahaha.
The kids was going crazy when they got on stage, especially when Pat flynn did. They are using this guy called Champ on drums,he's a drummer for a band called Foundation from Atlanta. Apparently Shawn Costa was playing Verse's last show in the states.They was amazing awesome.Finally i got to meet one of the band that is legendary to me. i couldnt believe it, have heart was infront of me performing. They did numbers like Something more than ink,armed with a mind, lionheart, boston, hardbark on the family tree and more. The kids was wayyy crazy they was stage diving,singing a long side with pat flynn, i could see that pat flynn was really exhausted and all the kids wanted to sing along with him and grabbing his the show was ever, i managed to chat quite a lot with the guys from HH.They was friendly as ever, as if we were old friends.hahaha.I chatted a lot with ryan hudon and champ(i think that was his name) who was replacing shawn costa on this tour.they were really nice we talked about lot of stuff from straight edge and stuff or even about what they think of the asian tour.They were pretty awesome.Pat flynn was a real nice guy.I even did a small interview with those guys. Ill post it on soon enough. I even exchanged email with Ryan Hudon and Champ Hammett.

After that i drove Joe home.when i arrived in Shah Alam i just got to realize that my guitar was missing.fuck it!.i thought my friend had it.and he thought that i had was a clear miscommunication.the guitar was at the backstage of the show and i didnt realize it.i was too busy talking to Have Heart.Damn it was devastating.I sure hope i'll get it back.

Looking for Missing Guitar!

I lost my guitar at the have heart show in MCPA today on 16th May 2009,apparently i left it backstage and forgot about it because i tought a friend had taken it:

Epiphone Les paul-black finish
A levy strap with holes
Epiphone Hardcase with random stickers
Digitech Grunge effect
a yellow coloured guitar cable

anyone who found it please,please,please contact me.
nik hanif-0176296737

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I do hope that you are alright now.I'm writing this to wish you good luck on your operation.
I hope that you'll live to see the day bro.I'll pray for your safety and well being. Try not to think so much about her man. I think its great if you relax and you smile a little. I couldnt imagine the pain you through physically and emotionally but i do know youre doing the right thing.Dont worry i'll help to ease your burden a bit because you've always been a good friend to me and help me out with a lot of shit that ive been through.I missed hanging out with you man and hope that you'll survive so that when you comeback we could hangout again like we used to.You've always been a friend and a brother to me.Hold on bro, i know you'll survive the pain.

in pain

Im suffering from mouth ulcers for over a week now.damn.i couldnt speak properly or even eat properly without having to feel the pain in my hurts really bad.Anyway ive been working with my brother this holiday doing videography.We're covering videos and photos for this company called Chulan Woodworks.We had to travel to this factory in Rawang on some days.It was alright.Felt like free money havnt done much this semester break apart from sitting at home,go online or hangout with Rizan and Hazim.Oh btw,last week my pc was corrupted and some of the datas were lost.dammit!!!.but thank god most of the files were recovered.I've got more works to cover in the coming week. I cant wait for Have heart this weekend!

Monday, May 4, 2009

freeze the moment

Have you ever loved someone so much,you'd give an arm for
not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
when they know they're you're heart
and you know you're their armour
and you will destroy anyone who would harm try to harm her