Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updates updates

Its been ages since my last entry.thats because ive been busy with my final exams.studying last minute not sleeping until my paper.damn it was tiring like fuck.Anyways ive got a new housemate now.He's called hafiz a.k.a joe, quite a nice guy.Has the same interests as me.I bid him welcome to our house.As of now, ive just finished my final exams and i am on holiday.Got shitload of stuff to do this term break and slightly cooling off from the pressure bullshit.well i guess this is growing up. I want to say goodluck for a friend who's battling a disease which i think might be brain cancer.I hope you survive bro.hold on to your faith to god.I wish you well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

something new

I've been watching this new sitcom,well its not actually that new but ive just been watching it and i totally like it!.It started off with a narrative voice telling a series of story to his two children on how he met their mother. The guy Ted Mosby which is the lead character tells his two children how he lived his life in the past in pursue of finding his spouse. I personally like this character called Barney" which is played by Neil Patrick Harris because he's just humorous.The sitcom is just great!

Have Heart live in Malaysia!

Again, i would quote.The band that made me want to stay hardcore, is finally coming to town next month!F*** im excited.


Final exams is next sunday.hermm i havent started revising yet.i'll get around to it this week.Last saturday, DT was supposed to have a show in Melaka but it got cancelled, so Rizan,Hazim and I went to the place anyways.The show was alright.Met some friends.Chill out with them until its 4am and i didnt realize it.Drove home that morning and arrived at 6am in puchong.Man, i was so sleepy along the way but i had to drive anyway.The week turned out alright for me :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The letter R in Friends is overrated.

Im on the verge of losing it
I dont need anyone to share this catastrophe that i'm in
I'm a man, i can stand on my own feet
I can see faces fading away now
The ones ive known for years
the ones that have been close with me
now are as apart as ever
what ever happened to forever.
what ever happened to having each other's back
what ever happened to the years we spent with each other
now i could really see our true colours
i dont know,maybe i'm just being paranoid
but i have never been wrong in this kind of shit
havent you wondered, we dont even talk to each other anymore at times
I tried my best, i tried giving effort to care about you people
but what i have in return is just bullshit
I just dont give a fuck anymore..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Consider this

God im in such a stress. I just feel like disappearing. Disappear for six months or more. I wish im gone for the moment.I wish im not here. I wish im at another place, gone and untracable. Im just too depressed to go on sometimes and i dont even know why. Call me lunatic or crazy, i dont care. I just want to get away with all life's problem for now. Criticize me, talk shit or put me down. I just don't give a fuck anymore. One day i will leave this world.

I'm losing it!

Final exams is less than two weeks but still i havnt solved my problems yet. I am stressed, aggrevated by the fact that i havent settled my debts with the financial department as a result of still not getting the exam slip.I still havent done my final assignment project.I still havent catch up on my studies. I am falling fast. I am slipping. I am flunking and the worst part is i cant hold myself together.arrrrrghhh!! i feel like im in self destruction mode. Faces have come and gone too. Things were not as they used to. Just when i need people around me they arent there. I feel like disappearing and fading away. This is just an introduction to harsh reality.fuck it!Somebody please give me a straight jacket, tie me up, throw me into a dark room and take the keys away.

Monday, April 6, 2009

random toughts

me the disfigured bastard

Have Heart coming soon!

One of the bands that made me wanna stay hardcore.One of my favourite band is finally coming here.

The week end story

The last two days have been such a tiring day for me. I did a part time at this FnB company.I had to sell foods at a kiosk in the F1 Sepang Circuit.This is the first time i have to work at such place and the job was new to me.We started as early as 7 or 8 in the morning and finish at 7.00 pm in the evening.I was in charge of handling the foods in the kitchen.We had to sell hotdogs and beverages on our kiosks.Lol.a vegan selling hotdogs.nvm.The first day me,arie,louis,momo,suqon and kenet had left from S.alam to Sepang and arrived there at 10am.We parked our car and registered ourselves at the counter, took a set of work t shirts and went to our kiosks. I met some colleagues who were nice and hardworking.I worked hard that day tho and whoah it was a challenge.When rush hour comes we have to double our effort.The place was filled with customers who are willing to pay an expensive amount of price for an unreasonable set of food.Capitalists.I did have a chance to see a bit of the race.It was noisy like hell but thrilling. The second day was the same but the queue of the customers was hell as i worked at both departments; kitchen and the front counter.The cleaning part was tiring like crap and the payment was only 80 per wasnt worth it so we made our own "profit".hahahaha(evil laugh).After the job was done,Kenet and i went to the jamiroquai after party.I sold some of the drinking water stock and made some quick bucks.hahaha.saw some familiar faces concert was nice but im not used to the different set of crowds.we waited to collect our payment until 11 or 12 if im not mistaken.All and all it was quite an experience.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The progress of life

Louis and Adly had just moved out from our place in Sect 7,Shah alam.So theres only three of us left Arie,Me and Blur.My friend Iqbal is replacing louis and is going to be my new roomate.Final exams is just around the corner but still i havent studied a thing yet.Fees yet to be paid.i still got to clear my outstanding balance of 1k+.Now where the hell am i going to get such money.hermm ill be working tomorrow so that should cover some of the fees.Stress,stress, stress again.Things are yet to get harder for me.Damn.

DT's Singapore Show

Dick Fuckin Tracy yo!
Misery Signals!

On the way home

Waiting for the bus

On our way to the venue

Me with Stuart Ross
Rizan and Tom

Me with Karl Schubach

Daryll Me and Rizan

Poster signed by misery signals

Its been awhile since my last post.As of now, im gonna post about my trip to singapore with Dick Tracy.We left from KL to JB on last Saturday morning at 3.00 am.We went there with two cars, mine and tom's.I drove first until senawang's RnR because i was to sleepy then to drive and later on Zam took over. After that i took over again at some other stop which i cant remember. So we arrived in JB at 800 in the morning. We were pretty tired then. Took our stuff and head to our friend's place which i didnt know who back we already did later on.anyways i didnt get any sleep at all because we were too busy making jokes that morning.So later on i took asleep in the bus which i couldnt have Finally we arrived in Singapore. The walking part and taking public transport was the most tiring part with carrying our bags and equipments. Finally we arrived at Mountbatten community centre. My first tought was" is this the right place?" because its a community centre filled with kids running around.Then we went up to the hall and i am dead sure this is the place.The first thing i saw was Misery Signals setting up for their soundcehck.I was like whoahh.this is awesome.We went backstage to put our things back there. I was relieved to have something to drink because i was dead thirsty.After we settled in, Hereafter and grace is gone came to prepare for their show.It was the second time i saw them now.Anyways long story short, that evening was amazing. Dick Tracy performed well and had some positive feedbacks from the people there.We even got a poster signed by misery signals.I had the chance to take a picture with them. Singapore was just the best. all the bands like Hereafter,Grace is gone, For better endings and Vermillion had a great set that evening.Cameron of hereafter was the most friendly dude that evening.He came up to us and gave some for Misery Signals, I was amazed to watch them performed live. I never tought that i would be sharing the same stage and talking to the guys of misery signals, stuart ross was the most friendliest in misery signals, we chatted for a bit at the backstage.They played a whole set that evening but we only managed to watch 4 songs only as we had to go back to JB. But i managed to catch them back live in KL.All and all it was such a good trip and i really enjoyed it.Kudos to lynn for providing us a place to stay.Rizan and I had the same jokes from JB to was hilarious like hell.hahaha.kudos to ema and dokna for the photos