Friday, June 12, 2009

New age,new beginnings.

So i reached my legal age yesterday on june 12th. Finally im was awesome tho this year.I never expected that i would be this satisfied.Started the morning on 00:00 hours at some mamak stall, was hangin out having my really late dinner and suddenly i received a phone call from momo.she wished me happy birthday in japanese.wth.but i was A few more friends called in or texted me.My housemate Blur even called and sang happy birthday with his gf.haha.ill definitely remember that one Later on Andrew called, asked me to come over his place.we hung out for a bit. It was 1.30 am and i had to go for a jamm session with han,penyu and wan.did our own reckon it was like one of the best jamming session i ever had. i dont know why but it felt that i hung out with them until 5 or 6 in the morning and went home for sleep.I woke up later on at 9 or 10 am and went online for a while getting text messages,phone calls, comments on fb and myspace.thanks guys.i really do appreciate it. In the afternoon my brother brought me to KL and bought me a shirt.Arie and Syasha bought me a wallet.My parents gave me some cash to spend on.Hermm i guess i never really get gifts on my bday so i was rather satisfied.Everything felt great :) I even called some people on my phone list because i have free voice calls but i dont really know who to call or talk to. In the evening about 9 , i went for a dinner with my mom and sis outside. Later on, arie texted me to go skating at sect 13 in Shah Alam. So i ended the day with some skateboarding, it was awesome. I got to do a new a trick called "rock n roll".lol. Hungout with Alien and Arie there to wrap things up.All i can say it was a satisfying day for me and i would like to thank my friends and acquaintances for wishing me :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Semester,new beginning

Well i just started class on monday,everything is good as usual.A fresh start for me this sem.Classes are only on Monday till Wednesday.Me and a few friends are selling t shirts for the faculty.This is the first time i ever designed for my faculty.Progress is great.Loads of respond from the kids.This time i will get even back with my I've not been feeling well these days.I feel groggy and dizzy everyday.took panadols and painkillers but it hardly works.i sure do hope that i will get well soon enough.