Tuesday, January 20, 2009

See you next...Tuesday

Its been a day since i wreck my car.tormenting me thinking about the rm350 repair cost that flew away just like that.Herm well as of the result of last night, i didnt have the mood to go to morning class i even skipped class yesterday,went in just to submit my assignment.Well i did go to class in the afternoon.I had to go back home to puchong today as i have to send my brother and dad to the airport.Apparently they are leaving for the UK.My dad has an outstation work there with one of his clients and so's my brother but he's doing photography there.hermm isnt that cool..i wish i could go and meet my long lost friends there back in York.

Arie sent me home at 6pm. I had to cover the car wreck story from my father otherwise he'll end up being angry so i told him my car had some repairing to do regarding of the windows.haha.I sent them to the airport at 11pm.My brothers going there for nearly a month.So after sending them i head back to puchong with my mom.As i was driving i told my mother of what happend.She said she was going to tell it to my dad and i was like ".aaaa." nvm then.its her decision.So tomorrow i am going to pick up my car at the workshop.

i used to hate cell phones, now i hate car accidents

Last week was the second week of this new term. Last Sunday was the night i head home to Shah alam. I got a call from louis saying that he and kenet missed the last train to Shah alam. I picked them up at Kl central at midnight, went for a lepak session with them in hakim seksyen 7 and sent kenet home. I was tired but i didnt finish off my assignment yet so i get a hold of myself and did all the work. The next morning i was late to go to my Effective Speaking class, just when i have arrived there my classmates got out."Damn!i shouldve slept longer" as i tought to myself.

Then i reversed my car,stayed on the right side of the lane and i glanced at some of my classmates sitting at the benches of"rumah hijau"(a shed infront of the college carpark). As i was looking, i couldnt help noticing that my car was still moving but very2 slow, as if i was strolling. When i looked back to my windshield, BANG! another kancil hit the left side of my car.arggh! i was frustrated like mad. Everyone was looking like there was a tragedy going on.oooh shit" the words came out of my mouth as i was looking at my front bumper and the left side mudguard.The mudguard was damaged badly and so did the bumper. Hermm. i was so upset i even held my hands on my head. i was speechless. the girl who was a sem 2 art and design student looked at me and said"sori bang,silau.."and i was like"............."nothing to say or do. we parked at the parking lot and settled the matter.one of her friend intervened when i asked the owner about her car having insured.She simply made an assumption of me wanting to claim from her car.I was like wtf! i said.."chill..did you hear that kind of thing coming out of my mouth..dont just jump to conclusions!"So later on few of my friends had a good look of whats going on and try to settle this thing.I settled it there with the owner.

We agreed on paying on our own car. She said that i was staying on the wrong side but i said she was driving carelessly.Well, then she said that the fault was on us.Well..i had to agree partially it was my fault but then again..the fault was more on her.dammit..her car ended up pretty bad even worse than mine.I didnt think it was worth the trouble to go the cops otherwise we'll be charged more.She's still on P" and my license had expired i havnt had time to renew it yet. I mean it'll be a lot harder if we do it the legal way plus the damage wasnt worth it to claim for the insurance.Well, let it be then.

I met uchan and imran and brought them to one of the car workshops to see the damage of my car and how much it would cost to repair it back.Ahh damn its a new car not even a year yet since i bought it and now this shit happens! Later on in the evening we went to TTDI jaya to send my car.Costed me 350 to repair those shit! argggh im so frickin pissed off that day.What a day im having!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Misery Signals in Malaysia

I cant believe it.One of my favourite band Misery Signals are actually hitting KL in the end of march.Misery Signals is a metalcore band formed in Wisconsin in 2002.Their music is defined by their chugging riffs, odd time breakdowns and melancholic melodies.Check out their music on www.myspace.com/miserysignals

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why does it have to be this way?why does things have to be unfair for these people?does massacre of thousands really satisfy the false idols?the propaganda claims to be fighting against terrorism.It is the Zionist who are the terrorist.Corrupted minds that leads corrupted government. These false idols that lives with their guilty conscience knows that this is a holocaust.

Was this all really worth it? why do these men,women and children had to suffer?All this carnage for your so called revolution?these are the lies that led them to death.this is a neo-colonisme.the zionist are like neo-nazis

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Term

Its a new semester,new year,new beginnings,whatever.Now the classes started already,this semester classes are boring as ever especially when you have to wake up at 8.00 every single morning to have class at 8.30 til 4.00 most of the days.I got back to my place in Shah Alam last tuesday.Everything seems..quiet i suppose.The first class i had on Wednesday was awesomely boring.the weren't too bad tho.but apparently i missed two classes again.dammit.anyway i had been watching movies in two consecutive nights.I watched yes man with adly,blur and diba on wednesday night and the following night watching bedtime stories with zaid,mira,blur and diba.herrmm it was rather spontaneous because that evening i asked zaid if he wants to check out some macbeth shoes in 27th heaven.Anyway the week ended well tho.it wasnt as bad as i tought it would be

Monday, January 5, 2009


I logged in my myspace account for just a moment then i noticed i got a new message, i clicked the message icon and guess what did i see?there were two new messages from this guy.the first one said
" ur hot i love the profile pic !!!!!! can we be friends???? im from ny "

i was like wtf!hahahahha is this dude gay
and the second one is a contrary to the first

"disregard that first message dude i thought u were a chick man....that pic looks like a woman .......sorry"

hahahahahha lmao this is fuckin hilarious