Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

This morning i woke up at 11 am.I tried so really hard to get up until i could.I head straight to the toilet and took my shower.I resist all pain and took my medication.i feel better fever was going down.the sore throat wasnt as bad.but i still couldnt eat anything.i could barely finish a piece of biscuit.because it hurts my throat everytime i try to swallow something.i went out to a shop later on to buy a can of 100 sort of hurting my ulcer and my throat too probably because it was ice cold.damn.i cant have anything.later on as i was talking on the phone in my bedroom i notice some red spots on both of my arms.i told my mom about it and she gave me some cash to see the doctor.the doctor told me that i was diagnosed with german measels.i was like wtf! i tought i had measels when i was a i have to keep away from my little sister.anyway that evening i went down to giant to buy something for new year's eve barbeque.I met Papa,Nurul,Bard,Ajiq and Wan there.They was in a bit of surprise seeing me with my red face.haha.i really didnt feel well at all.after all the shopping sessions were done we went to bard's place to prepare some things.i went back home for a short rest and went back out again that night.The barbeque was one and a half hour late but we manage to put things together.the turnout of the crowd was huge.there was like nearly 30-40 people who came or even 50 i'm not really that sure.We saw some fireworks when it strikes 12.Well there it was.The New year.everyone was watching at the fireworks.After the barbeque we had some jamm sessions.we had some bands played like eleven,kids on the move,burnout,kias fansuri,first base and the dearly missed.A lot of jumbled up line ups that night.i suspected the might was not working so i was giving it a check during burnout performances but suqon accidentally pulled the mic and banged my i had a cut on my upper lips and it was bleeding.haha.after the jamm session had finished i head back home as i was really too tired to even say was an enjoyable night i could say eventhough i didnt eat the whole day apart from some tiny tidbit foods.2008 has been a memorable year for me.I wish 2009 could bring a new wave of good things to come for me.

End Year Vacation

My family decided to take a trip to northern states on last Sunday.Actually my dad had a meeting in langkawi so we decided to turn it into a vacation too.We left home somewhere around 9 am in the morning and reached Perlis about 3pm.We crashed at a nearby hotel.I was feeling rather exhausted but couldn't sleep.My tooth was hurting for a few days already.I bet it's because of my wisdom tooth growing.I decided to ignore the pain until i got a fever later on in the evening.It was horrible as it ruined the first day of my vacation.Then to top it off i developed an ulcer and also sore throat.I couldnt sleep well that night as i felt like i was frozen to death.The next day we headed straight to langkawi.I didnt really feel well at all but after i took some medication it can sustain my health for a while.Me,my brother and my dad went for a drive around the island after checking in at the hotel.Well we didnt do anything much tho that day but at night i accompanied my brother to look for some souveniers for his friends.the usual cheaper stuff there like ciggarettes and chocolates.The last day there my brother sent my dad to his meeting and went out with the rest of the family.We went for lunch in the afternoon and then decided to take my little sister to the underwaterworld.She was really excited to see the sea creatures there.There were a lot of weird looking creatures and fishes.We also got round to the see the seals being fed and doing some stunts under the guidance of their trainer.It was really cute.haha.Later on we fetched dad and head straight to the jetty to take the boat back to kuala perlis and head straight home.It was an alright vacation,i partly enjoyed and didnt enjoy it because of my health.why does it have to come at times like these.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


This t-shirt is pretty awesome.i'll consider buying it

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It was 9:00pm when i left home and went straight to Andrew's.He invited me over to one of his christmas eve party.When i arrived there i was welcomed by Jason.Huh,its been awhile since i saw these guys.Jason and Andrew's friends were there too.I was the only Malay,lmao.but there was this one black dude from Uk that i befriended with there.apparently he was some sort of a DJ.Didnt know he was a Muslim till later on.haha.anyways as usual I was the only one who wasnt eating meat,smoking or drinking.They we're all stoked with weeds and alcohols.hermm not my cup of tea.Me,Jason and Andrew were talking about all the crap we've done when we were in school.all those memories those days.We would crash to any movie during school time.We would just go anywhere those days riding Andrew's car.Shit happens tho sometimes but we took it cool.Now Andrew and Jason has progressed a lot in their life.Andrew's a badminton coach and selling books while Jason is in the entertainment industry.I envy them.Jason was kind enough to help me with my label.He said he'd find me places and sponsors.Youre a friend dude!enough said.I left their place at one in the morning and headed to Rishad a nearby mamak stall to meet a few friends.I went to dekwan's place later on to practise with him and papa on acoustic guitars.We left his house at 5 something in the morning.When i started my car,my mother called me on the phone.Herm there i was, being yelled at through the phone.herm that was a bit of a turn off.i couldnt think of any excuses to give.i just kept quiet.Anyway we head down to the mamak stall for a drink.There was one incident happened there.There was this indian family was having a feud there.Glasses shatter on the floor,chairs were flying,tables were upside down.The feud wouldnt end easily.There was this one guy he knocked out this one woman by punching her face till she fell down.He slammed one of the woman onto the front part of his car.We felt really annoyed by the situation.everyone was looking at them.People with different mentality.profanities everywhere.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Omfg!its finally here.the bane zipper hoodie that i ordered from rockabilia last four months.its here already but the bad news is the price went up from $39.90 to $59.90.So it costed me RM269 dammit!but what the hell.ive waited long i went to pick it up just now at acoustic music shop.awesome!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bridging Oceans 4 review

Bridging oceans 4 was held at dejavu club in front of little havana on saturday 13th of december.The show was scheduled to start at 1pm but due to insuffecient crowds the show was postponed to start at 3pm if im not mistaken.The number of crowds were adequate but it was thrilling.The show kicked off with Second Combat.They played three songs that day.Actually most of the bands played three songs.The next band i can't recall what is their name.After that was Burnout, they covered Have heart's lionheart and the unbreakable and played their songs lost control and the place we wasnt their best performance neither the worse but they we're alright, i enjoyed it tho.Next up was another band that im not really sure of but after that was Deadscore's turn.I felt the intensity in their performance.Jay's pedal was clear and the thumping sounded like a machine gun.They were awesome! even did an intro of Recon-burn this city and covered xAFBx's-Trust and believe, Kudos to them!.After that i went out to the nearby mamak stall for a drink with papa,dekwan and etc.I couldnt believe i've just missed asthalin.damn.right after asthalin i cant remember what band played maybe it was bloody rejects from up was Final Attack from indonesia they played a few songs was given longer time because they were international bands if im not mistaken.they were awesome.they did a cover of no warning.I even had a chance to chat and made friends with their new drummer Ikhsan from Bestiality.He was a decent guy quite friendly and he is a huge metal fan.awesome!After final attack was incarnation if im not mistaken.they only played two songs.apparently Azim didnt play the show.they were alright.They just came back on tour with Hereafter in Indonesia.Right after incarnation was Hereafter,an australian metalcore band.the played a few songs.They were quite good tho.After hereafter was Kids on the Move.apparently it was the last show for Jack the bassist.they played three songs,the first one i cant remember i think it was kids who kick,the second one was drop it and the third was a cover from have heart's armed with a mind.spectacular performance!.The last band for the show was A better hope foundation,an american hardcore band.They were not bad at all.i enjoyed their songs.bad news though because of the club management wanted the show to end at 8pm some of the bands did not play the show and lots of band had to cut their slot.xElevenx didnt play the show and same goes to back on track and naratu.sorry for them.couldnt really blame anybody for that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Got Gamed!

I had this chick added me up last week and she was gorgeous.first i tought she was fake.herm that i had a fake feeling that it was for i know it was too good to be true.That motherfucker Arie created a myspace profile and he added me up.i just started to chat with "HER" who as actually a him.and today tyra told me it was Arie!arrrgh i was so pissed off! he and all the puchong kids along with my housemates have actually teamed up to play a big prank on me.arggh i'm so gonna get my revenge after this

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i just cant wait!

I have always been a fan of vampire and werewolves mythologies and this movie is one of favourites.Underworld 3: rise of the lycans is the anticipated movie that will come out next month which is in the end of january 2009.i have seen the trailer and yes i am bloody excited about it.for the fans of werewolves and vampire movies this is the movie you shall not miss!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Something for a change

I'm currently addicted to some music makes me feel like in a movie.I love Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's music score on the dark knight.I'm also downloading some LOTR's trilogy score ,300's score and also pirate of the gives you some sort of a weird emotion listening to these scores.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

old man

He was a boy who lived up with his pain
the onslaught from his family
they took him for granted
they looked down on him,misjudge him
treat him like he knew nothing.
as if he was ignorant, as if he was daft
but he never looked back in animosity
instead he makes himself as if he was the pits
so he fought his silent war
only armed with a mind instead of fists
in his mind he knew he will have the last laugh
for he will prove them wrong
waiting for the right time to just fly by
time passes by as the boy who knew pain
who knew hardship, who knew courage
changed into a man who has strength,pride, and bold
now he proved them wrong
so teach this son how to be like him, teach him courage,
teach him to gain the willpower as he did,teach him take hatred
and turn it into glory,eventhough he has caused a lot of mortifying acts,
the shame,the humiliation,but there's one promise he keeps in his heart,
to bring pride and intensity back, so he too could prove them wrong,
he too could have strength and boldness.

so old man look at my life, i'm far from being you
old man take a good look at me before you go
i know my words are unworthy and it always brings you to downfall
before you leave this hatred world
just know this, i will bring fire back in your heart

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Movie Review: Twilight

Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Casts: Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattinson
Distributor: Summit Entertainment
Running time: 121 minutes
Country:United States
Ratings: 7/10

This is my second film review so far and i have to admit this film is not half bad at all. This film is actually a book adaptation from the author Stephenie Meyer.The film stars Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan who falls in love with a boy from her school, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen who happens to be a vampire.Unlike the horror or action vampire films, this film has the target for teenagers who are fans of Harry Potter and so on.It also has a touch of action and romance in it which makes it agressive yet touchy.As for the bloke "Edward Cullen" he has made himself a chick magnet, likewise Orlando Bloom before this.Overall its a rather remarkable sure not to miss it if you're a fan of vampire films.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trial and error

So this is another trial version of my record label Holdstill record's official logo

Old times

I was chatting with my long long time friend back in York.Apparently i found him and added him on facebook.i saw his name"Nick Rawcliffe" appeared online so i chat with him

Nik:alright nick
Nick:ello mate
Nik:remember me then nick?
Nick:yeah i think so
Nik:hahah we used to go to school together
Nick:yeah arches rite?? u look well differnet mate from wat i remember
Nik:yeaaa i do..hahaha time change and so did i
Nick:ha true so wat ya do wit yaself
Nik:im currently studying at a local college doing mass communications.playing music for fun
Nick:busy guy, mass communications wats that?
Nik:mass comm. is something regarding with media and broadcasting and also journalisme
Nick:ah i see am wit ya, so where u living at the moment
Nik:im down at my country in Malaysia south east asia region
Nick:course yeah daft of me, how did ya mange 2 find me on here
Nik:well im not quite sure but i think i managed to find my york friends here.i found dan elmes's,joe wilko's and yours
Nick:iam still mates wit them guys when am back in york from uni we hang out an go owt and get wasted ha
Nik:haha cool2 send my regards when u see em
Nick:sure will mate
Nik:man i missed the old days when we were back in school
Nick:yeah they were a rite laugh gd times
Nik:yeaa i know getting lines,detention,taking the mick out of that math teacher cant remember his name
Nick:mr fell
Nik:yea thats the was right laugh in his class
Nik:me rob and wilko always got done by i wish i could go back there and hang out with you lots
Nick:u shud man we're all still friends, u know ben jackson??
Nik:yeaa ben.shit man its been bro's going there next week
Nick:i live wit him and james nelson
Nik:hes a got photo job down in oxford.u lot go the same university?
Nick:me ben james, matthew beal remember him all go same uni its in a place called hull not 2 far from york
Nik:i see.hull.yea2.not to far from york.whats wilko and rob shaw been up 2 these days?
Nick:well erm rob is abit of dick these days an ppl dont get on wit him 2 well anymore, wilko works and lives in york
Nik:really wot did he do?i was really close with him last time
Nick:robs changed not same guy really not 2 friendly...joe is still quality though
Nik:yeaa joe's great.wot is rob a townie then these days?ahhaha
Nick:haha oh yeah totally
Nik:townie"havent heard that word in years.hahaha
Nick:i know haha makes me feel 13 again
Nik:yeaaa.hahah.youre 19 now right?
Nick:20.couple days ago.ur still 19 rite?
Nik:are ya? 20.but i tought ur in the same year as me?when i came to york
Nick:old men aint we, yeah i was
Nik:i entered year 7 when i was 12.if im not wot yer studying then nick?
Nick:yeah are u in ur 2nd year of uni cos thats wat year am in....iam doin educational studies with psychology
Nick:sorry mate gotta dash just noticed time got football game in 40mins
Nik:oh yea i studied a bit of psychology last semester.haha i hvnt played football since i left yorkok2.ill see you later nice talking to ya
Nick:defo gotta talk more mate i'll look owt 4 ya online mate take care buddy, great talkin 2 ya
Nik:take care too
man i really missed the old days..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Melaka trip

It was 8:00 am on Sunday morning when my brother gave me a lift to Subang.He was in hurry to catch up with his job in Shah Alam.He dropped me off at ss15.Today i'm sessioning on bass again for Side Circle.I waited there for half an hour for Pyan.When he came we finally took off to Melaka.Stopped for a break in Ayer Keroh then head straight on to Melaka.We arrived there early.apparently the venue for the show was in a studio in a quite a remoted area.That day was very humid.when we got into the studio for soundcheck i had to stand infront of the Stand-up fan to keep me cool.damn.anyways we had our soundcheck and the bass amp sucked because the sound of my bass was very distorted when i put my control volume on full.i had to turn the control knobs on my bass at mid range in order to get a clearer sound.I was hoping the bass amp would be nice like at Lab rat's studio.Before the show started there was this one band who had an argument between themselves because one of the guys came late.So one of them bailed out and they didnt play early.they came later on in the evening.I cant remember what the following band is.but the next band who played was a band called V.They were awesome,even did a cover of metallica's number creeping death, iron maiden's hallowed be thy name and halloween but i didnt remember what the title was.It was amazing.The guitarists were like guitar heroes.they played a few amazing riffs and solo leads.We played after them.It was so boiling inside there.I gave a few showmanships but then felt really tired and my neck was hurting.i dropped my bass during the cover of As blood runs black because i attempted swinging it and then the 3rd string was out of tune.Lol.shit happens.Next up was Dying For Autopsy.I enjoyed their set.good showmanship from them.After the show is done we had some photo sessions.It was great fun but really tiring.That night i flat out in the car.really tired because i havent had enough sleep and didnt eat for the whole day.we checked in at the local was adequate.i finally had my shower.felt rather fresh after that.went out for dinner, as usual i had problems eating everywhere,we came back and was flat out.We got back this afternoon and arrived back home this evening.As of now my body is aching.Awesome!