Sunday, July 26, 2009

hannah hold on

I never asked to be sorry
If its over its over for sure
I don't regret that I didn't want to
Remember what all this was for

So this is all we can do
What news is in store
How come starting over
Would be frowned on anymore

Hannah hold on
Hannah hold on
Its all been said
Its all been done

I never witnessed bitter like this
I think i've been shot in cold blood
You won't admit it and I won't be around
Just so I hear the applause

This isn't all we can do
When in doubt should move on
No need to sort it all out
By the time you read this i'll be gone


today it stroke..all nightmares are coming true..all those paranoias was actually an epiphany to me. i guess those insecure hauntings were actually a call for this.all those nights of not sleeping well.and i was shattered, i was broken, i was left behind....i was left behind... toyed,broken and obsolete..lied to...betrayed..fading away

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This chapter so far..

Hermm its been two weeks since my last's not that i dont want to write.but i am just preoccupied at times and sometimes so many things have passed that i forgot to write one single, I went to see her at her place in JB yesterday.started the trip on friday night along with my housemate blur and his gf diba.the trip was wasnt too tiring.when i arrived there.called up this bloke.he offered for a place to stay in his next day went to pick her up.was lost trying to find our way tho but then i remembered it out for lunch with her, went to watch public enemies with her and her friends, had dinner with her and sent her back home. I also went home last night.3 hours of wasnt so tiring too on the way back.Btw theres a Carpathian show today in MCPA.i'll be leaving soon to see them perform. Kenet told me to pick them up from LCCT but i called him and he's not picking up either.Those australian guys are whack.especially martin them up last monday and hang around with them in putrajaya.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it's been a while.

It's been awhile since i wrote my last entry.Things have been good at the moment. I didnt do much tho but it seems i spent my time doing the stuff i usually do with friends and family.College is alright, but im flunking on one subject tho.its all because my lack of attendance as trying to cut that behaviour for good.Last two weeks i spend time with my brother and his friend walking around in sg.actually went for a shopping of last week i went to JB to meet someone and also i had to session guitars for burnout on last sunday.It was great.the trip was fun and's the first time i ever drive alone there and go back on my own,im still glad be alive today.things are making a good turn for me so far.