Saturday, September 12, 2009

a great way to end the week

its been so ages since my last entry,herm... what can i say.probably ive grown tired of writing things that occurs in my life but since this week was something special i thought id write something.let's see on 9/9/9 i accidentally drove over a cat which i didn't know apparently to be under my tyre.I feel seriously guilty :( not only because i love animals but i also i was shocked due to that incident. i wanted to bury it but it was gone when i came back from class.i am seriously sorry.i wish i could turn back the time.The next day, everything was going well, i finally went for a fast-breaking session with ex house mate Louis and sent him home back to his brother's house. That night, i waited for the guys to message me for the new band rehearsals.but i guess it was canceled since no one responded.Argh! damn phone i decided to go skating since Arie messaged me. Its been really ages since we skate at the park. Met up with a few friends at the park and just decided to skate for hours until a tragedy happens. As i was sliding down from the cement platform into the bowl i collided with another dude in resulting to a serious bail. my deck collided with the Bunkface dude's deck and i was thrown off hitting my chin on the ground and grazing it on the cement.As i opened my eyes to this unbearable pain, i noticed that blood was gushing out my face dripping to the ground.I spat to see if it were my lips but only saliva that came out.then i heard someone saying that my chin was ripped.The dude who i collided with apologized and brought me to aid.he offered water to drink and to wash the blood, so i did. i took of my shirt and head straight to the clinic. Arie rushed me to the nearby clinic with some friends.i had a face towel that i wrapped on the bottom part of my face to stop more blood from coming out. as i came in few complications happened, the doctor said that my wounds were we rushed to the hospital in Klang. We went in and waited for hours since its a government It was finally my turn, i went in told the doctor what happened.she purposedly stuck her finger in my wound to see how deep it was.i was in agonizing pain.F***!.blood was dripping out i took the towel and dabbed i went for an X ray check to see if my jaws were dislocated.Thank god it wasnt. I then got a few injections on my body before the procedure.Later on i was sent to this surgery department to sew my chin.i even managed to take few pictures during my was gory.they had given me few local anaesthetics( i dont know how to spell this) injections on my chin.goddamn it was painful.they sew my chin and i felt as if i was an experiment to them or Frankenstein even.haha.i bared the pain for a moment. this is the first time ive gotten such injury.after all that was done. we went back skating at the park jaws were pretty swollen so its kinda hard to bite or chew on foods but thank god im still alive :) this is the kind of thing you never expected to happen one week before Eid ill upload some pictures when i transfer it from my mobile.