Friday, November 28, 2008

I wonder

People always say things like"you're like an animal"when others do things that are atrocious and sinfully wrong. But do you ever wonder sometimes that even though animals do not posses the ability to think, they have emotions too.Do you ever wonder why men could do evil and animals could not? Animals could kill other animals but do they posses evil in their hearts? do they keep animosity, jealousy and abhorrence in their hearts? are there any malevolence and malice in their eyes? Why men could do evil, could bury malice in their hearts?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Review:Quarantine

Film: Quarantine
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Casts: Jeniffer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Steve Harris
Distributor: Screen Gems Pictures
Running time: 89 minutes
Country:United States
Ratings: 6/10

A rather outstanding,shocking and thrilling American horror film.This film is the remake of the Spanish horror film REC. I was really impressed with the way that they produce this movie. The technicality was really good.they use like a cam corder camera works,rather shaky but it made an impression as if this film is the actual reality.This film features no music scores,on the contrary it has been scored with sound effects.The film starts off with reporter Angela Vidal( Jeniffer Carpenter) and her cameraman Scott percival(Steve Harris) doing a report on the night shift of Los Angeles's fire department.They are introduced a couple of fire fighters Jake and Fletcher. They received an emergency call from an apartment complex and headed up straight there only to find themselves trapped in the apartment complex sealed off by the government due to a horrible plague from a virus.A rather gore and bloody film but not as gore as Saw or Hostel.There are the usual zombies.Unexpected ending as Angela is being dragged backwards by a zombie.Overall it is a bloody great movie!

its been awhile

Been ages since i post my last entry.feeling rather ill at the suffering from slight fever, sore throat,headaches,coughs and flus.i have no appetite today.but good news is that i lost 2 kilos.hooray.anyway ive been busy for that past 2 weeks because of the final exams and its kinda shitty because i have to wear a wig on every day that i have exams.the first day was Agama and i got to the hall late because i have alter my friggin hair.costed me my time.i felt really nervous going into the hall of the invigilator told me off because i had "long hair"..hahaha.i tought she did not notice.damn.then this one invigilator guy came up to me and pulled my "hair"..hahaha he took my matrix card on the reason that ive got long hair.thats dumb.i was like "F*** i got to have a haircut..what a waste of effort doing new matrix card".shortly after that he gave me my card back.i was like wohoo.i accidentally laugh when i was answering the questions on the paper and could not really concentrate.hahaha.well other than i was like a laughing stock to all my friends because i looked pretty dumb and i even had my alter ego called dexter,the nerd side of me.lmao.hahaha.anyway last sunday i went to watch the movie called quarantine alone at sunway pyramid because none of my friends wanted to go with me and what the hell so i go alone.its cool sometimes doing things alone.the movie was pretty decent.unexpected ending.anyways after that i paid the parking.i inserted this particular 50 cent coin and the machine did not accept it only to realise that the coin is fake.hahaha.thats rare.anyway i looked for my car in the parking.pressed the button on my remote and look what car did not respond.i was like"F***!!" wonder why it didnt respond.its because i didnt turn off the lights when i turn off the engine.what the hell!!..i was stuck there for 20 minutes or so.didnt know what i was going to do.i tought i was stranded there luckily this security guard came up and i asked for his help.he and his friend helped me to start my car and yeah it did start.thank god..i was after that i got back to my place in shah alam.all and all its been a rather stressful but alright im back home at puchong again

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the other me

my alter ego


Minggu lepas sgt stress.banyak benda tak settle tapi nasib baik dah settle.pagi tadi aku punya la tak tido buat keje last2 kelas batal.sangat fark..subjek pon tak daftar2 lagi.aduiii.sem ni blaja apa pon aku tak tau

Sunday, November 9, 2008

back to the school days

i logged on to my friendster that i havnt acitvated for a very long period and look what i found..


my old guitar.haha

zaman2 tu gambar sendiri trendy la nak letak nama band fav time tu..haha fuck lah
gambar masa form 4.lokasi depan pintu bilik abg aku.bajet metal.fuck off la poser!hahaha

Saturday, November 8, 2008

MYHC fest 2008

Coming soon!

bagan lalang trip

Hermm lets see.this week i went for a class trip to bagan lalang.It was alright.was a trip for our photo assignments.we left s.alam at 10 something on Tuesday morning.there werent any seats left for me so i had to sit at the back.damn it hurts my we arrived there about one hour or so later.the accomodation was alright.the beach was a little too after we settled in had our lunch we took some photos near the the evening we took some landscape photos until 6.went back to the chalet,had our shower and head straight for the "hall".had barbeque that night.and these guys were really understanding they had prepared me some vegan artificial meats.haha..awesome!so that night after the barbeque we had some activites.had to do an act.they had me playing some songs on the guitar that i never even played before.hahaha.not the same thing i do on after that we played a bit of a football game and went for a drink near the beach area.went back to the chalet took my shower and had my sleep.the next morning we woke up,had our breakfast and head straight to the beach.awesome!.after that we checked out and ready to set back to shah alam.and f*** ulcers are getting worse cant really eat or talk but i still do anyways.hahaha.

me behind and the retarded kid arie infront
messy room..
mucky beach but beautiful scenery

pictures from genting road trip


this is the what i came to see?

blur jadi hardcore kid.hahaha

do we look the same

kaunter pertanyaan

bajet UK..

konon style

photogewdix"hahahha.fuck lah..

bajet hxc

Pictures! from A Last Minute Plan

my housemates blur and louis was there too.thanks guys!

sessioning bass for side circle

Me having fun disturbing arie

Man of the match playing guitars in Escape,Vocals for Lost Sinatra and Drums in Burnout!
give it up for dekwan!

kids moshing

pakjun from Dish

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The story this week!

Right after i had a success from my previous show the next day i went to dean's open house in kota kemuning along with fellow friends from puchong.Some friends were there too like Karen, Chacha, Jack,Mazri,Babart.Apparently Karen was selling Cd's for 10 ringgit i bought three cds like horse the band,myproof and driven fear from her, even got myself a new driven fear and vices for virtues tour t shirt.haha.was chatting with karen and dean about how shitty the scene are these days.hahaha.That night i had something spontaneous up in my mind.the car was full so we went up to Genting.hahaha.fuckin mint!.We went to pickup arie's gf sofia.and headed straight to genting.was the car was running on 1st gear when we was riding upwards the hill.hahhaha.we didnt really do anything only took some pictures and walked throught the place.but we felt good because we really needed to get away from the city for awhile.arie had backache when we arrived there and it lasted for two days when we got back.the original plan was to go to PD in the morning.hahha "holiday" but was cancelled due to arie's and blur didnt want to look gay by going there just by the two of us.hahaha anyway it was never the same if arie didnt go so we went home straight after that.we woke up in the evening went for our dinner and head to cineleisure to watch tropic thunder.after that we fetched louis in selayang and headed back home to Shah Alam.This week i got barred from Agama's examination due to 6 times of absence but the lecturer helped me so i didnt get something shitty happend to me this week as i got two parking fine by the police!fuck the cops!.im not paying shit!..i even lost my way when i was going to imad's function in desa petaling.arggh i wasted like bucks on toll.wasted my effort,time,petrol and money.dammit!oh yeah currently im selling Incarnation's new album.Udey gave it to me on Friday.His car got hit by two kids on a motorbike when he was going to park his car.he was pissed off because that night he was going back to Kedah.I even had my haircut on thursday.i had it trimmed actually and just a slight cut.and someone was really generous i dont know why he/she slipped a 5 ringgit note on my car's driver window.hahaha.and yeah Khalitzburg's first performance was yesterday and it was rather adequate we just created new songs on the night before.hahaha.last night me and boy hanged out with Aren and Man from DEG after the show at william's in KJ.Imad called me apparently he was in Hospital.Man...i pray for his afraid he's diagnosed with a serious disease that had stages.

A Last Minute Plan show review

It was on 25th October last saturday when me and fellow crew from holdstill records/konspirasi entertainment run the show. I woke up very late at 12 pm on the day and had to rush things.i even got lost in Kl trying to find the way to get to one cafe.hahaha.damn!.Anyway i arrived there at 2.30pm.some of the bands like dish,violet was there too.could see some familiar faces i had to wait for the bands to come.anyway the show started at very late indeed.11 bands performed at the show.the crowd was adequate but the show was fun.First up we had Violet, a new band from Unisel S.alam.I invited them because i wanted to give them a chance playing in one of the shows.They was alright.rather good vocals.The crowd was a bit quiet tho.Second up we had Burnout! a new breed of oldskool hardcore brigade from puchong.this time i could really see the intense in their performance.they did some cover which i was thrilled to sing a long to which were Have Heart's lionheart, the unbreakable and Verse's hard to breathe.fuckin mint!.right after that was Asthalin.we had to change the set list for a bit due to some people wanted to leave early.Wtf! that shit always happen but i still can tolerate it.Asthalin was alright.but tom's second vocals was very distant.i couldnt hear much because the second mic had problems.even the amps were a bit shitty too.hahaha.The next band in line was Starting i said we had a change of setlist.emerald was a bit pissed off that time but i talked things through with em.things were settled.Starting fight wasnt half bad they did a cover of CBK's Broadcasting.i even singed along through the lyric" a common threat sits in our house!!".Right after that we had Emerald.I sessioned in this band playing guitars for Nikko who couldnt be there due to him being in Uitm Kedah.Wow we only jammed once and i forgot most of the parts that im supposed to play.hahaha but in the end we covered two of Underoath's old numbers like Angels Below and When the sun sleeps.hahha reminds me of old times when i was playing in Have A Nice Death.The next in line was Prognosis:death.very southern rock.Right after that was Kids On The Move.They had a new number which was really awesome.they played action through action,the blame,drop it and some others.Damn! i really enjoyed them!fuckin A's i even fell down when the kids were two stepping and moshing.Suqon was hyped as fuck!.hahaha.really fun!after that we had Dish they played grunge.they was awesome too.After Dish we had Escape.another awesome newborn hardcore band from puchong who had just released their Demo"see it through"they did a cover of have heart something more than ink!.fuckin A's.during escape i was called by azwan the manager of one cafe.he gave me the profits for the show.fuckin A's!The last two bands were left was Lost Sinatra and Side circle.Lost sinatra wasnt bad.Arie had showmanship!.wow how rare was that.hahaha.after that it was my turn to play bass.Side Circle had an adequate performance.wasnt bad but i fucked up a bit.hahaha.the show went pretty well the kids enjoyed it.I enjoyed it.i was a pretty good wrap up for the day we went to puchong to eat and everything was tabbed under was awesome!i enjoyed it!ill put some pictures on when i get them!