Sunday, October 19, 2008

last minute

yeah i know its very last minute but do come anyways.its this saturday

Friday, October 17, 2008

new logo

new logo for my label holdstill records.designed it last few days.haha.not sure if i want to use it.anyway we got a show to do this 25th which is on saturday.i'll update it later when it reaches confirmation

Sick of the Week

This past week i felt really ill.i dont know why but some other people i know too have fallen sick.its like a plague or like a trend.Anyway the start of the week i had to stay at home due to some things to settle with the car.i missed few classes this week.damn.this stupid illness still wont go away its been five days still coughing while writing this on tuesday i went to class in the afternoon,had my human comm. test.fuck it! i shouldve studied since im slacking bad this sem.i didnt know shit and it was some easy i took my book hid it under my hoody and head for the toilet read some shit and applied it in my test.hahahha.after that i went home and guess what..The Bitch is still at home..WTF does she thinks our place is?a fuckin hotel or something?oh now she has the right to simply come and go to our place.WTF!! i hate to see her fuckin face.louis la ni..baik i told louis to kick her out.but she was too "clever" to get what i was saying.arie had to lock our room.fuck theres no fuckin privacy!!!argggh! she keeps on coming to our place like 5 days a week.what the fuck!! im so fucking pissed off!!.so going back to the story after i went back to my place in shah alam.i head straight to the cc to do my psychology assignment which was scheduled last week.i met ken there.he was asking for my advice to buy his i browsed through the net.he said he wanted an epiphone les paul.hermm.i checked out some squiers,ltds and epiphones for him so we went to Bentley music in Kota Damansara, a new branch.holy shit the guitar store is huge.they had selection from Prs,Squiers,Ibanez and many more.nice2.anyway i tested an ibanez for him cant remember which model tho but he didnt liked i picked him up a nice squier telecaster in finish with so heavy and not so light something in the middle looks like james root from slipknot's guitar or even John 5 perhaps.he was really satisfied with the choice i made.hermm.i also saw a Guild acoustic costed 3k+ and hell yeah it has a nice feel to it.before this i only saw it in magazines.and i saw the guitar i wanted last time which was a jackson rr5.and yeah i checked out the mesa boogie heads again.i cant help was too nice not to check it out.the head costs like rm 11k+ for double rectifier head.argghh when will i own it like faliq does.damn!anyway right after that i went to shah alam to get my guitar and sent ken to sect 7 and head straight to subang for a two band very tiring it was raining after brother called me to switch the car.argh stupid incompetent guy who promises to get the car settled but ended up having me to wait for him for two days.the next day my illness is starting to go on the annoying side.damn coughs and phlegms!..anyway the next day i went to photo comm class and was very quiet indeed not like last week i was rather hyped.haha very contrasting.when i got home the bitch is still there argghh i cant take itt!!what is this a fuckin hotel!!!! get the fuck out!!so i stayed at s.alam from wednesday till friday and on friday night which was last night i went to ajiq's open house.the usual faces some puchong kids and some klang kids.haha hardcore open house.oh yeah its ajiq's birthday today.happy bday bro.may god bless you.stay true.after that i head straight to KL to meet a friend regarding some things.haih was coughing all the way until now.when will i recover.ken's guitar squier telecaster customthe mesa boogie that i wanted!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


was browsing through and went to the merch link and found these.awesome!

sing a long

i cant remember what song was this but i think it was have heart's lionheart.haha

saturday bloody saturday

I woke up at half past two yesterday.I was too tired to open my eyes because the previous night i went out to damansara with louis.We went to OU and Cineleisure to catch a movie but apparently we were too late because both are closed.damn! what a waste of an louis ask me to stop by at burger usual i cant have anything me and louis went there for an hour or so.after that we went back home to S.alam.damn i was feeling really sleepy so i got home and went to sleep.Adli called me yesterday about 1 pm i was too lazy to answer the phone but i still answer but speak in a tired manner.haha.then i recieve some text messages but i couldnt be bothered.After that rizan called me and asked me when am i going to Arie's house.I was like.."oo yeah..its arie's house today"..hermm so shortly after that i woke up took my shower pack my bags and leave the house.i stopped by at the laundry to send some clothes and head straight back to rizan's place in puchong.Along the way it was raining heavily and made some cars crash causing traffic after i have fetched rizan i went to arie's place.when i arrived there.Adly was there with his friend.later on sofia,yana and kuyeh arrived too.i saw arie's mother holding the umbrella fetching sofia.haha..thats rich.anyway me and rizan chill out there for nearly an hour or so after that dekwan called and asked me to go to his place.shortly after that i went to dekwan's place.there was a lot of friends there,some of the BK kids like dekwan,bard,atok,fuad,ajiq,wak and so on.Chacha,Wan and boy was there too.Bard had prepared something that is Vegan edible for me.hahaha.Apparently they were planning to go to arie's house after this.damn i shouldve went to dekwan's first but nvm me and rizan attended his place for two times.hhhahaha.Chacha as usual with his jokes with boboy.I didnt notice but until Chacha said to me"Tgk tu madu tgh berborak.." i was like.hahahahha wtf..rizan and wan kotm was talking to each other like they was wining to each other due to the mutual former relationship.Right after that we went back to dekwan's place for the second time and Papa arrived there.waited for dekwan and bard and head straight to Abg Basid's studio.Me,Boboy,Wan and Chacha had a jamm session after that.hahaha we didnt know what to play.all i know they played a bit of nirvana,greenday,some numbers i didnt know,As i lay dying and myproof.ahahaha.went to the back of the studio after that for a barbeque session.and this time i cant eat everything.hahaha.hanged out there for few hours after that it was Lost Sinatra's jamm session.I cant help to fill in some keyboard lines for them but i am supposed to on this one song.haha..after that it was escape's jamm session.we took some photos after that and head to rishad for a lepak session.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cuti raya dalam bahasa rojak english dan melayu

Hermm raya..was a bit on the rush this year.Hermm i didnt feel like raya that much due to some last minute tasks.Last tuesday night me and my brother drove back to our mother's place in Perak.Everything was last minute.I had to help my brother with his client's photo album.we were kind of in a rush.I bought my pair of baju melayu at the Giant in front of my neighbourhood area.hahahha really last minute purchase at 9.30pm and baju melayu pon ambik asal boleh after that at 10pm we drove off to "balik kampung"..hermm best ke balik kampung..mcm bosan je..but its been awhile since i got out from my brother drove up to rawang after that he was too tired to drive as he havnt had enough sleep for two days straight.He nearly blacked out while driving hitting the divider so we stopped at the RnR in Rawang and i took over his place.Hermm was thinking of getting some energy drinks but apparently everything had honey in them.hermm tough being a Vegan but its fine.anyway this is the first time i had to drive long distance..everything went well tho.i sped up until 140km/h until my bro asked me to slow down.i drove until kuala kangsar.oh yeah the funny thing is when i was driving in Ipoh i tought i saw a motorbike coming towards me like it was heading for collision so i swerved to the left and my brother started yelling at later on we arrived at my aunts house at 2.30 am.

In the morning we woke up at 9am and rushed to the nearby Mosque.lambat gila pegi smyg raya..hahaha.there i met Amer one of my music friends in puchong.i approached him.he was surprised to see me there.hahaha.gila kecik dunia.tak sangka sama kampung rupanya..after that i went back to my late grandparent's house where my aunt lives there.haihh my first vegan raya.nak makan apa pon tak bolehh....kuih raya ada telur ada dairy product makanan lain ada ayam..apa boleh buat..makan ketupat kosong je la.
gambar raya dgn si budak nakal..

oh yeah apparently when i was packing my bags i found a violin in my cousin's room.hermm was pretty impressed that she could play it.i gave it a go and it sounded like a dead cat.The day after that we drove off to my father's place in Kelantan.lagi boring...dok sana mati keras..hahaha.masuk je kelantan on that day traffic jam tak igt dunia panjang gila.tahan la kau sakit perut selama sejam.As me and my bro arrived there we went straight up to my uncle's house.nak makan apa?dok diam saja la..minum air.makan yang mana boleh tanya apsal tak makan daging.kata allergic.kalau kata vegan jenuh nak explain sbb depa bukan paham sgt.lagi mau kutuk ada la..hahaha.anyway that night i went to meet Arie at his kampung..hahaha.mcm lepak puchong je ada Arie.the following day pergi rumah my grandma.gilaaa bosan.ada family gathering and macam biasa la tak dpt makan sgt.kat sini aku tak rasa comfortable langsung dgn family bapak aku.ada je.muka2 pandangan slack drpd pakcik makcik.haih..mmg agak rasa nak balik rumah la.
org lain makan aku tgk je la...hahaha..

the last day at kelantan which was yesterday me and my brother was supposed to go back after we had our family photo session but the road was really packed with cars.nak ikut jalan tu tak boleh jalan kat sini tak uncle ikut jalan terengganu drpd pukul 7 pagi sampai 5 petang terlekat lagi kat sana..gila kau.Hermm and i wasnt really feeling that comfortable staying there.i felt like going home.lots of work to be completed.So nak dipendekkan cerita kami bertolak pukul 9 malam.gila..mmg agak tension la..malam baru nak was no rush and thank god the road is clear!!..we went to terengganu to meet up with my brother's friend.hermm borak pasal camera.aku tak boleh masuk sgt.hahaha.after that we stopped at kerteh tempat yang diorang buat minyak tu.perghh rasa gila futuristic tempat tu.hahaha

tu dia gambar gila august burns red.wahahha.

anyways..after that i fell asleep in the bro drove all the way to teluk cempedak in kuantan to take some beach photos at dawn.6.30 am we arrived bro took some photos there.hermm after that i drived home from kuantan back to KL.

tu dia dok bajet hardcore dok atas batu