Sunday, August 31, 2008

memories is what memories are

our EP titled depressed and despair

those were the years

these are the most unforgetable memories i've ever had.those were the best years we've experienced.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Will acceptance ever accept?

will acceptance ever accept me or will i fail again?

Friday, August 29, 2008

See it through

At half past three pm today, Papa,Bard and I went to Noisy studio in Ampang to set up the show.We arrived there about 4 something.At first there was a bit of uncertainty going between us because i was rather worried about changing the venue from the studio on the top level to the ground floor.the reason being is it was too last minute and the flyer said rm 10.Plus there wasnt a permit too.I was rather worried but Bard and Papa said its nothing to worry about.haha..well im just going to follow what they say.So there we was waiting for lee and eizzat the owners of Noisy studio to come.We went up to the studio and compromised with them about doing the show on the "gudang"noisy.So we came up with a deal :D.There we was transfering the backlines and PA system down the hall.Damn those PA speakers are rather heavy..but ive carried worse in the last show.

So it was half past 6 pm when we set up the equipments and cleaned up the hall.Then the kids from puchong came and we waited for the crowd to come..hell we waited like two hours to start the show.At first i tought the show is going to be fucked up..theres a bit of tense going on between us due to the time and crowd.We waited for the bands to turn up.At 8pm we start off with Lost Sinatra playing some skram songs mildly influence of Raein,Neil perry and Saetia.Arie played the bass like he was playing jazz again.Where is the showmanship that ive been hearing about?Some friend turned up like Arwith,Palie,Suqon and Daryll.At 8.30 an oldskool hardcore band influenced by the likes of have heart,verse,etc came up.Burnout did an amazing performance. I was pretty impressed with them.They did my favorites like Verse's Hard to Breathe and Have Heart's Lionheart.I really felt the hardcore spirit in their performance.Kudos to them.

After that there was a short delay as Kids on the Move is scheduled to play but some of them didnt arrive yet.So we waited for like 20 minutes.Dean,Chaca and Wan turned up.Apparently tonight Dean is playing bass to replace jack who had some family matters.They was waiting for Kazaa to come.I had to go the nearby mamak to get Kazaa.After that was settled KOTM performed.I really felt the energy there.They did a lot of songs that night like action through action,kids on the move,drop it and an old number A friend for today and there was even a cover of champion's the decline.I singed along through some of the songs and the number of crowd turned up was not worrying anymore.

After kids on the move.Side Circle took the stage with influence of As blood runs black in their music.I am currently a sessionist in this band playing bass.I was rather tired when it came to my turn performing.I nearly hit ijal and pyan when i was swinging the bass.After Side circle.There was a few bands that performed.Emerald,Starting Fight,Cynosure.Emerald did a cover of Norma Jean's Memphis will be laid to waste.Hell i haven't heard that cover since the last time I performed with Have a nice death which was two years back.Apparently Rizan played guitar on that song.Hey their showmanship is friggin awesome.Starting fight came performed later on and i think they played some Comeback kid's cover if im not mistaken.Cynosure was next.Faliq and the boys really had it going good.Especially faliq with his new Mesa Boogie head which cost him RM11k!..damn faliq i want that thing.I was impressed on how Cynosure performed it was really good.Its awesome that im selling their CDs now because they can really go far.

And at last but not least at half past 12.We have the last band for this show.The hardcore kids from puchong.Influenced by the likes of Champion,Bane and Verse..Escape took the last slot for their Demo release party.It was really awesome,i felt like i was in some Boston underground hardcore show.Ironically Papa looked like Patrick Flynn.hahaha.I felt as if Have Heart was on the stage.They did their songs.I singed along through most of them especially on Looking through the past and Spirit Dont Lie.At the end they did a cover by Cookie Monster.We Will Survive.damn..i wish they could cover Bane.But i was impressed with Escape.We paid eizzat with the ticket collection which was short for another rm 150.Well i wasnt expecting as much as this but hey it was real fun.I felt the friendship and the spirit in this show.It was a good wrap up before fasting season.We had some photo sessions.Ill put it on the blog when i get them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

go vege

When it comes to being vegetarian/vegan people would always ask"What do you eat?"is there enough nutrients in your food?well the answer is we eat everything we want.Its not about limiting your food its about substituting your meal.There are vegetarian alternatives to almost any animal food.Healthy vegetarian diets support a lifetime of good health and provide protection against numerous diseases, including three biggest killers like heart disease, cancer, and strokes.

Being vegan/vege doesn't mean you have to eat wheatgrass and alfalfa sprouts. Most grocery stores carry an array of great-tasting vegan options. Many products are marketed to vegetarians and vegans.


Should i or should i not get a haircut?hermm..
well heres what i would look like..

well this is me last year.haha

The Last

Well before tonight i must get a lot of things prepared for it is the last show i'm going to set up before ramadhan.Papa( a friend,not my dad) messaged me on the phone about changing the venue and the price.hmm thats going to be a bit of a hassle.As for me i dont really mind because the bands that are going to be playing tonight are our friends too.Tonight i could enjoy watching Arie playing the bass with his"showmanship"hahaha.So here is the flyer for tonights sure to catch the show.oh yeah and it is also escape's demo promo show.get their CD if youre into oldskool hardcore

my first attempt

Its 10:10 am now i just woke up half an hour ago,had to skip a class today due to some problems i had with the university :D . and here i am writing the first entry of this blog i created in approximately 3 minutes ago.Well this is my first time writing here.Before this i only kept things in my mind.