Monday, April 26, 2010

falling further forever

This is a lyric to the song that i wrote for my new band Collages. This one here is about how i fell,stumble, deep down to the point that i could never imagine and how i struggle to get up but i kept failing myself and everyone around me. too much let downs. too much regrets. this song is just a reminder of how it's like to fall and how i struggle to rise again.

I glanced. Myself through the glass

All I can see is my own haunting reflection

I don’t know what I’ve become

I don’t know what I’ve turned to

All I know is that I’m sinking into the ocean

The ocean of my own apathy

The hole that I dug for me...


I'm sinking lower than I would ever imagine

Trying to hold on to what's left of my beliefs

The chances thrown, these moments I drifted

Imprisoned in failure, I long for release

This world is dead to my eyes, SET ME FREE!

This love is dead to my life

I thought of reaching out,

The hands of failure has dragged me to the depths

I’m drowning under

Let the emotions run deep.

I’m falling forever

To the depths of the sinking ship

No hands could save me

I'm falling down forever.

The misery, the ignorance

This life was once wasted

On tombs that I’ve painted

I tried to seek salvation

To rise from the ruins

Instead I end up drowning

In oceans of hopes fall

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